RISK! NOW in Malaysia
RISK! NOW in Malaysia
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We are a small craftsmanship company founded in 2012 out of love for
tailoring and independence, because a dress is so much more than just a
piece of fabric.
We want to create dresses that bring joy. Not only the joy of being
admired, but also having the sense of satisfaction and an awareness of a
good investment. This is our "practical glamour" because we know that
the glamour for a modern woman is definitely not enough.
We believe in the impact of conscious shopping on our life, both on a
personal and global scale. We want to create clothes for people who make
such purchases.
It is important for us not only what we make, but also how we create. We
manufacture locally and proudly embroid it on each of our label tags. We
run a socially responsible company.
Dresses will not save the world, but they have power greater than you can
imagine. Through what we wear - intentionally or not - we express
ourselves. We can empower ourselves. No other garment has more
feminine power than a dress.