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RISK! NOW in Malaysia
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RISK made in Warsaw

RISK made in Warsaw is a Polish brand, founded in 2011 by a couple of friends—Klara Kowtun and Antonina Samecka. Here, masterful tailoring meets great wearability.
“We design clothes that flatter people, not just hangers. Sometimes we will sew a dress 30 times before coming up with the perfect construction. It won’t be manufactured until we are certain that it has an excellent fit, sets good proportions, and that the fabric is comfortable to wear,” say designers Antonina and Klara.
“We are practical about fashion. We make clothes that make life easier, ones that boost your confidence and make you feel attractive, taking your mind off of what you’re wearing, so that you can devote your attention to the challenges of the day.”
We sew in Poland, all of our fabrics are manufactured in Poland and other European countries. We know our suppliers, we know that they are devoted to the well-being of their employees and to the highest standards of garment production. To us, social responsibility in the fashion industry entails transparency, quality manufacturing and, first and foremost, skillful design. We are only interested in clothes which belong in the favorites section, never to waste away in the back of a closet as you will want to wear them all the time.
We cooperate with artists, and not just for the purpose of print, narrative or collection design. We also organize meetings with cultural figures such as professor Tadeusz Gadacz, writer Agnieszka Drotkiewicz or writer Marek Bieńczyk. Our boutique in Warsaw is the venue of numerous debates, improvised theatrical shows, lectures and jazz concerts. The “ballroom” at 6a, Szpitalna Street hosts regular book club meetings. In 2013, Risk curated an exhibition about Leopold Tyrmand, held at Warsaw’s Literature Museum.
“What you’re wearing isn’t just an expression of your taste in clothing, but, more importantly, it draws from your mind, from the things and ideas you surround yourself with, from what you see, what you listen to, what you read. Our ‘community centre’ is a much better embodiment of our idea of what fashion is rather than traditional runway shows,” says Antonina.